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In case you haven't yet figured it out, my name is Asam, I'm a software engineer from the UK. I have had a fairy unique (or so I thought) entry into the industry. It seems this is more common than I thought, but I have no CompSci degree, no degree at all in fact. I came into developemnt after almost every job under the sun.

Growing up it seemed my Dad had a new business idea every week and after I left school I just joined in with whatever venture was going on. So over the years I have worked in vehicle leasing, a gym, a takeaway and spent most of my time in a relatively large taxi firm. Each business I was involved in pretty much all aspcts and roles, which was good and bad.

The Good

The good side of that was exposing myself to lots of roles, industries whicj inevitably meant trying a lot of stuff, picking up a lot of skills and dealing with a lot of people.

I soon become the tech and marketing guy for all businesses, which is where my love for computing and the web was born.

The Bad

The negative side was that I never really had time to focus on myself, my own education and dreams or whatever. Not that I would change anything, but it is worth mentioning


In my youth I fell in love with some silly card game. Little did I know just how much of an impact it would have on my life.

I had been playing with friends and my Dad here and there and as soon as I hit 18 I went straight to the casino to play. Pretty quickly I realised I had some natural intuition and ability at the game and I was makign a few quid! From there the next logical step was online poker, you could play 24/7 without even leaving the bedrrom. What more could I want!?

In my early 20s I supported myself from poker for around 2 years and I guess I would consider myself a semi professional for a couple of years either side of that. I absolutely loved it. I have learnt so much, my attitude wowards risk, knowing the value of hard work and my love of meeting/connecting with people from all over the world.


Over the years poker got tougher, the game get a little repetitive and less interesting and I realised I would need to move on. After evaluating my skills, interests and everythign else I ended up enroute to being a software developer.

So, after some research I got cracking, learning and networking as much as I could. After around a year I landed my first job and have never looked back.

I still miss the working from home, but luckily for me the dev world can offer that remote life. I usually work a day or two a week from home at the moment and I am definitely looking to increase that as time goes by.

The End

Ok, I have rambled on enough, if there is anything else you would like to know then shoot me an email HERE