Seems all the cool kids have a uses page these days, so I figured I would join the club, I'll hopefully get to add to this list on a regular basis as I aquire more bits and pieces :)

🏢 Work

At work we have some pretty solid desks, some sweet chairs, that are a little too hot in the summer and 2x 28" Samsung monitors sat beside teh MacBook Pro

My boss was kind enough to provide me with a Griffin laptop stand, a magic mouse and apple keyboard, but hopefully I can upgrade to a mechanical keyboard at some point to see what all the fuss is about.

🏠 Home Office

For now my home office is the kitchen table 🤣, but this is about to change, a dedicated home office is in the works and I have my eye on many a gadget to pimp it out. Remote working is somethign I fully support, so I intend to do a good job of the home office.

It will likely conists of a standing desk, some art work, desk fan, plant and a whatever else takes my fancy, hopefully next time you visit I will have some pics.

👨🏼‍💻 Software

  • VS Code
  • ZSH
  • Hyper
  • Alfred
  • Google Chrome
  • Dotfiles? HERE

🎧 Electronics

  • iPhone XR
  • Apple Watch
  • AKG Y-50 Headphones